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Fibona Acoustics

Fibona Acoustics is a technology development company, based in Copenhagen, Denmark, specializing in electro-acoustics and loudspeaker systems. Fibona Acoustics offers a solution for the ones, who have space or weight constraints but still want HiFi sound.

Fibona Acoustics's innovative flat loudspeakers decrease the audio industry's carbon footprint without compromising the sound quality and durability of the membranes. The technology allows for building unique speakers that require less material, are very lightweighted, and thereby minimize freight impacts on the environment.


As a Tier 1 supplier, Fibona Acoustics has capabilities along the entire value chain, from design to sourcing.

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Tier 1 suppliers (module/system)

•The final step before the product reaches the OEM

•One-stop-shop providing an end-to-end service for OEM

Tier 2 suppliers (components)

•Manufactures individual component of the end-product

Tier 3 suppliers (parts)

•Manufactures individual parts required for the OEM’s components

Milad Kahfizadeh, Founder

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With more than 20 years of experience in acoustic design, Milad is a seasoned Acoustic Engineer and inventor who has been designing speakers for almost two decades. From the outset, Milad has demonstrated extraordinary talent and technical skill, beginning with a 10” subwoofer driver that he designed during his master’s thesis project. This work resulted in a best-selling product, which is still today considered an industry reference. 


Throughout his career, Milad has gained much experience and numerous accolades, both in Europe and China where he has worked as a Senior Design Engineer, Research Engineer, Director of Applications, Sales, and WW Directorship of Product Management.

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A truely recognized audio expert who was one of only two invited foreign keynote speakers at Shenzhen International Audio Fair.


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