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Did you know that sound can be environmentally friendly?

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Our patented technology allows us to design uncompromised sound quality through lightweight, flat speakers requiring less materials and logistics than other technologies.

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Fibona Acoustics
end to end partner

Fibona Acoustics is a technology development company, based in Copenhagen, Denmark, specializing in electro-acoustics and loudspeaker systems. Fibona Acoustics offers a solution for the ones, who have space or weight constraints but still want HiFi sound.


Fibona Acoustics's innovative flat loudspeakers decrease the audio industry's carbon footprint without compromising the sound quality and durability of the membranes. The technology allows for building unique speakers that require less material, are very lightweighted, and thereby minimize freight impacts on the environment.


As a Tier 1 supplier, Fibona Acoustics has capabilities along the entire value chain, from design to sourcing.

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Tier 1 suppliers (module/system)

•The final step before the product reaches the OEM

•One-stop-shop providing an end-to-end service for OEM

Tier 2 suppliers (components)

•Manufactures individual components of the end-product

Tier 3 suppliers (parts)

•Manufactures individual parts required for the OEM’s components

Fibona Acoustics
is your trusted partner

Design: We work closely with you to develop a custom made design

Simulation: We use COMSOL simulation tools to optimize your design

Prototype: We validate your design through close-to-end product prototypes

Manufacture: We leverage our network to source your design for optimal cost and quality

Delivery: We can assemble and quality assure audio kits before you use them

Fibona Acoustics also offers specialized services including auditing manufacturing sites, and sourcing of audio bundles (amplifier, transducer, cables …)

Milad Kahfizadeh

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With more than 20 years of experience in acoustic design, Milad is a seasoned Acoustic Engineer and inventor who has been designing speakers for almost two decades. From the outset, Milad has demonstrated extraordinary talent and technical skill, beginning with a 10” subwoofer driver that he designed during his master’s thesis project. This work resulted in a best-selling product, which is still today considered an industry reference. 


Throughout his career, Milad has gained much experience and numerous accolades, both in Europe and China where he has worked as a Senior Design Engineer, Research Engineer, Director of Applications, Sales, and WW Directorship of Product Management.

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Fibona Acoustics
consultancy services

Fibona Acoustics offers consultancy services needed for you to deliver innovative products to the market.  We have unique capabilities, combining both systems and transducer design, sound optimization, lab-testing, and simulations, as well as deep experience with product management and sourcing. Be it temporary backfilling or highly specialized projects, we are able to support you.

Numerous applications

The applications of the speakers are endless. Both the size and the lightweight of the speakers allow us to integrate them into different products and elements.

As an example, we can develop low weight high performance sonic systems for automotive, e.g., 15-unit speaker system weighing less than 6 kg, incl. 10" subwoofer.

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Versatile technology

Our patented technology enables us to offer a broad specter of audio solutions that address our customers’ needs. We can apply the technologies from large Subwoofers to small, coin-sized speakers.

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The Fibona Acoustics speaker employs Enclosure Magnet Coaxial Transducer (EMCT) technology to deliver the first significant advance in electrodynamic speaker driver design since 1925. With multiple patents, this revolutionary design comprises a transducer with wide range and coaxial driver (with an optional 19mm tweeter), to provide flawless sound without the size constraints of traditional electrodynamic speaker technology.



Traditionally electrodynamic speakers require: 


  • A rigid, cone-shaped diaphragm attached to a coil, to convert electric oscillations to mechanical vibrations at audio-frequencies 
    An enclosed box with a relatively large air space, to allow radiation of soundwaves 

As a consequence, sound quality relies on depth of the unit, to accommodate both the diaphragm and the air space required for operational reliability and high-quality sound. 

With a patented design that borrows from nature, EMCT design has: 

  • Shallow coaxial design of the diaphragm 

  •  A self-containing enclosure 

  • High sensitivity from a high power neomagnet 

With these features, the Fibona EMCT speakers delivers exquisite sound quality at a fraction of the size of traditional speakers.

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How does EMCT design work?

The novel EMCT design borrows from the strength of nature. The Fibonacci spiral, ubiquitous in nature, was the inspiration for this revolutionary design. The mathematical sequence has been recreated on the EMCT coaxial diaphragm to provide incredible strength in a more shallow profile than has ever been possible before.


  • Sound quality provided by a specialist

  • Reduced weight and space based on technology and patents

  • Convenient one-stop-shop from design to sourcing

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Thanks for contacting us!

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