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Our patented technology enables us to offer a broad specter of audio solutions that address our customers’ needs. We can apply the technologies from large Subwoofers to small, coin-sized speakers.

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Fibona Acoustics
is your trusted partner

Get to Know Us

Design: We work closely with you to develop a custom-made design

Simulation: We use COMSOL simulation tools to optimize your design

Prototype: We validate your design through close-to-end product prototypes

Manufacture: We leverage our network to source your design for optimal cost and quality

Delivery: We can assemble and quality assure audio kits before you use them

Fibona Acoustics also offers specialized services including auditing manufacturing sites, and sourcing of audio bundles (amplifier, transducer, cables …)


The applications of the speakers are endless. Both the size and the lightweight of the speakers allow us to integrate them into different products and elements.

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